New Center Dacha Construction

started a construction of a new big Dacha that will host 15 families at a time.

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New Center Dacha Construction

Dacha is a house for kids with cancer and their family members in which they live for free. 


Now, Dacha is a three-story building rented with donations.  We have gone a long way, step by step, to reach this goal – and, eventually, in 2018 we started the construction of a new big Dacha that would host 15 families at a time. Thus, we will not only get rid of the monthly rent, but also will be able to host 350 families each year – that’s the exact number of patients of the National Cancer Institute with the most complex cancer cases who have no place to live during treatment and need our help.


In Ukraine, there is only one such center but in the developed countries it is a common practice, such houses exist at almost every hospital.

In our cozy house, kids have a rest from long treatment, in fact here they return to life as nothing reminds them of the hospital. We create the conditions for the family to live the most full, active, normal life – like at home. Dacha means games, fun, parties, birthday celebrations, camps, new friends, care for moms, dads, siblings, and grandparents. Dacha makes children’s dreams come true, gives opportunities for parents to have a rest and supports. These simple things add strength to the fight against the disease. Today, we can only host six families but in reality, a few dozen families need accommodation each year.


We purchased a land plot, developed an architectural project, erected the main building, and installed utility systems. 

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By sending an SMS to the number 88077, you transfer 15 hryvnias from your phone bill to children's aid projects.

The service is valid for all Ukrainian mobile operators, except subscribers of the contractual form of service.

SMS can be sent an unlimited number of times. The message can be without text. Instead, you should receive a payment confirmation notification after shipping.

Absolutely all hryvnias will go to charity. Every quarter, we publish a report on exactly what the collected funds were spent on!

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Payment from abroad is made through the GlobalGiving international platform, which accepts payments from most countries of the world in various currencies. Your support will help us provide the necessary assistance in Ukraine to those who need it.

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