Become a Volunteer

Volunteers for our foundation are the guarantee of its existence. They are the mobile reserve we always rely on when we plan our projects. Even the most ambitious. And we were never wrong. For we know well the ability of Ukrainians to quickly mobilize. We believe in them, as in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Therefore, in these terrible times, we are sure that those who we really need here and now will quickly be found.


Today we really need volunteers to unload and sort humanitarian cargo. We will be happy if there are also those who can transport the necessary things for the victims of the war by their own transport.


Volunteers in the hospital


In order to become a volunteer, you do not need experience or special education, but only the desire to help and support those who need it most.


If you are a person who knows how to interest children, who can just play, hold a master class, read a book, play a board game or arrange a children's party - we are always happy to help you.


If you are a beauty master, we will always be grateful for the support of mothers of little patients, because there is no better way for a woman to relieve stress than to give herself a little attention and take care of herself.


Other volunteer activities


Zaporuka has pages on social networks, where we constantly post information about our projects. With the start of new directions of activity due to the war - the strengthening of 13 hospitals, the launch of a psychological hotline, the reconstruction of hostels for people with IDP status, and the refurbishment of rehabilitation departments - the number of stories requiring publicity has increased significantly.


Your mission as a volunteer is to spread this information among friends, acquaintances, and colleagues, invite them to join the page, write a comment, share your impressions. All this allows our foundation to feel constant support. Move. Do good continuously.


You can agree with the media or post a story on your blog, organize an online sale or a charity event. There are many ideas on how you can publicly attract the attention of many people to our stories.


Are you a cameraman or photographer? We always have exclusive material for you. Not formal, but lively and sincere. With real, not fictional characters.


Are you a business owner? Place a banner about a good deed or human story on your page and spread the word to your audience. It won't take long, but it will warm your heart.


Or you can create your own charity fundraiser. Here


It's very simple. You create a collection in favor of a specific child, the ward of our foundation, or in support of any project that you like.


The fundraiser can be dedicated to a special occasion - an anniversary, birthday, wedding anniversary, etc. Ask family and friends to support you. All funds will immediately go to the foundation's account.


Volunteer assistance is different, and it is your initiative that diversifies it! Fill out the form and join our team!


If you have any questions, please call us +38 (044) 501 66 19.