Become a Volunteer

To become a volunteer, you do not need experience or special education; you need only the desire to help and to support those who need it most.


Volunteer at the hospital


If you are a person who can get kids interested, who can just play a game, hold a master class, read a book, play a board game or organize a party for kids – we are always happy with your help.


If you are a beautician, we will always be grateful for the support of our kids’ moms because there is no better way for a woman to relieve stress than to give herself a little attention and to take care of herself.


Volunteer at the Dacha Center


The Dacha Cancer provides free accommodation for 6 families who have children. Become our volunteer at the Dacha and give you attention to our kids. Here you can held creative and culinary master classes, organize performances, parties for kids and adults, watch animation movies or just help with cleaning the house. We will be very happy to see you at the Dacha!


Volunteers at the Hospital School


Your time and your teaching skills are precious gifts that you can share with our kids. Seriously ill children do not have access to general school education. In 2015, Zaporuka’s volunteers launched the project of the hospital school. University graduate students elaborated a program of individual training for patients of the National Cancer Institute. The hospital school is an alternative school for children with cancer in which each mentor is not a strict school teacher but a friend whom the student can rely on and whose lead he or she can follow.


Other ways of volunteering


Zaporuka has pages on social networks where we constantly post information about our beneficiaries’ needs, our reports, stories, new projects. Your mission as a volunteer is to disseminate information. Share a post with your friends, invite them to follow the page, write a comment, share your impressions – all this gives your friends a boost to help kids.


You can organize a publication in the media or post a story on your blog, organize online sales or a charity event. There are many ideas about how you can publicly attract the attention of many people to the challenges of pediatric oncology.


Are you an operator or photographer? You can show the world the story of overcoming cancer with your own eyes, so that everyone could relive this child’s story together with you.


Are you a business owner? You can place a banner on your site, print out a leaflet and distribute information to your audience.


Volunteering may be different, it is your initiative that makes it diverse! Fill in the form and join our team!


If you have any questions, please call us +38 (044) 361-56-97.