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Due to Russia’s large-scale military aggression, Ukraine is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis.


As a result, there is lack of medications, medical equipment and consumables, and goods for internally displaced persons (IDPs).


Since the first days of the war, Zaporuka Charitable Foundation has been actively involved in fundraising and implementing humanitarian aid projects to support the most vulnerable group of the population. Having 14 years of extensive experience helping kids with cancer in Ukraine, Zaporuka has established relationships with many medical institutions in Ukraine and abroad.


This allowed us to gather information from the field regarding the situation and needs. As the result, the Foundation was able to quickly reprogram its activities and adjust them to the new reality.

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Zaporuka in time of war

After the start of the full-scale Russian aggression in Ukraine, Zaporuka Foundation has to deal with new challenges faced by our beneficiaries, many of which have become either internally displaced persons or refugees.




As the result of IDPs arrival, medical institutions in areas less affected by military action have to treat much higher number of patients and, simultaneously, with unprecedented shortages of medicines and medical supplies caused by logistics problems and budget cuts as well as by the inability to keep qualified medical staff.


We support the hospitals, both those close to the frontline and those in more secure areas:

  • • to provide these hospitals with medical equipment
  • • to provide the departments of the abovementioned hospitals with medicines and medical supplies
  • • to improve sanitary conditions and create new facilities


We provide individual aid to patients and their families:

  • • evacuation abroad
  • • medicines and medical supplies
  • • psychological support
  • • physical rehabilitation
  • • housing




Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, more than 14 million people are thought to have fled their homes, according to the United Nations (UN). According to the report issued by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) at the beginning of April, the number of internally displaced persons reached 7.1 million people.


Zaporuka Foundation:

  • • provides psychological support to IDPs (hot line active 24X7, psychological staff in shelters
    and hospitals)
  • • organizes distribution of basic food supplies, clothes, medicines and other products


Long-term housing for IDPs:


We plan to renovate a two-story apartment building in the Lviv Oblast in the community that has received 2,000 IDPs. Some of them now live in schools. The school year should begin in September and the school premises should be vacated. In the village, there is an apartment building needs a renovation. Afterwards, it can serve as a permanent housing for at least 100 IDPs.

What we need to help Ukrainians now

Financial support for children evacuated for treatment abroad


Although treatment in the European countries is free, evacuated families need money for daily expenses (travel, clothing, and additional food). Zaporuka Foundation takes care of 150 children on treatment in Italian hospitals. These families receive from us 200 euros a month.
Monthly budget: 30,000 euros


Medical equipment for damaged and overcrowded hospitals


During the war, 500 hospitals across Ukraine were damaged, 40 of them were destroyed entirely. Those that remain are overcrowded and require more equipment and medicines.
Chief physicians of the hospitals apply to the Foundation every day. There are requests for equipment from 10,000 to 500,000 euros. If you are interested in providing such assistance, we will prepare specific projects.


Basic products for IDPs


Millions of people in Ukraine who have left their homes with all their possessions just in a small suitcase or even a pocket need food and hygiene products. Shelters hosting them need additional furniture, mattresses, and other stuff. We work with IDPs in Kryvyi Rih (a big city close to the frontline), in Vinnytsia, and Lviv Oblasts, which are the biggest hubs for IDPs. If you are ready to collect humanitarian aid or donate for purchasing of necessary products, we will prepare a specific request for you.


Housing for IDPs


Providing IDPs with housing and creating conditions for them to remain relatively safe in Ukraine is Zaporuka Foundation’s priority today. The cost of renovating a house, in which 100 people can live, is 400,000 euros. You can become a unique donor or one of the donors of this project. We will be grateful for any contribution.
The needs of the country bombed daily and where the infrastructure and people's lives are being destroyed are boundless. We are sure that you will help us in our fight for life and freedom.



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To help monthly is to save children's lives every day

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You can make a charitable contribution to our fund by bank transfer through your mobile banking or at a branch. Any amount is important!

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By sending an SMS to the number 88077, you transfer 15 hryvnias from your phone bill to children's aid projects.

The service is valid for all Ukrainian mobile operators, except subscribers of the contractual form of service.

SMS can be sent an unlimited number of times. The message can be without text. Instead, you should receive a payment confirmation notification after shipping.

Absolutely all hryvnias will go to charity. Every quarter, we publish a report on exactly what the collected funds were spent on!

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Payment from abroad is made through the GlobalGiving international platform, which accepts payments from most countries of the world in various currencies. Your support will help us provide the necessary assistance in Ukraine to those who need it.

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