Childhood cancer is curable

Your help is a step towards winning over the disease

Let’s win together!


Donating monthly is saving children’s lives every day.

Charitable Foundation Zaporuka is

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13 ongoing projects including psychological assistance, physical rehabilitation, improvement of hospital conditions, provision of medical equipment, funding diagnosis and treatment abroad, education and leisure in the hospitals, Winners’ Camp for cancer survivors, providing free accommodation at the Center Dacha for families with children who receive treatment at the National Cancer Institute, training for doctors, etc.

13 years of experience and impeccable reputation in the charity sector

88 mln UAH raised to help children with cancer

1108 children hosted by Center Dacha during treatment

Dacha Center is a house for kids with cancer from all over Ukraine.

In the developed countries, such houses are at every hospital but in this country Dacha is the only place where families can live for free during treatment.

Other Projects


We Are Grateful

Strategic Partner

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Fondazione Soleterre has been the main partner of Zaporuka Foundation since 2008. They pay administrative expenses of the Foundation and take an active part in planning the activities and development of our organization.

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